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Annual Travel Insurance


It only takes a few minutes to get a quote for annual travel insurance. Just complete the details below to get an instant quote from our panel of specialist travel insurers. We can provide cover for most medical conditions and up to 93 days per single trip (dependent on your age).


Annual travel insurance from couldn't be easier and quicker to arrange!


Our simple and straight forward online process allows you to get quotes from several annual travel insurance providers so that you can obtain the year round multi trip travel insurance cover that you need!


Travel insurance cover for an unlimited number of trips in a year


If you travel more than twice a year, or you travel independently of your partner, then annual travel insurance can offer you a great deal, allowing you to save money on your travel insurance needs all year round.


Annual travel insurance can save you money


If you compare the costs of annual travel insurance to the cost of buying several individual single trip travel insurance policies then you will see how much money you can save. All our annual multi trip travel insurance policies offer excellent cover at great prices, assuring you get a great deal. With many providers to choose from, you can find the right level of cover to suit your needs and budget.


Annual travel insurance gives you the peace of mind to know that you have got cover in place all year round. All trips you book from the day you start your multi-trip policy are covered automatically under the cancellation sections. This means that you have got permanent travel insurance cover in place all year, which allows you to travel as many times as you like, for up to specified number of days on any one trip (annual travel insurance policies vary in the length of trip covered, please check carefully).


Flexible travel insurance cover all year round


Even if your plans change during the year you can always call us to extend the area you wish to travel to, or to add additional sports and activities, such as winter sports cover.


While it can be a great deal, annual travel insurance is occasionally a little more limited in its cover than single trip travel insurance – sometimes there are lower age limits applicable and annual travel insurance policies may have a lower tolerance for pre-existing medical conditions, but we work hard to ensure that you can get a wide range of policies to suit your needs.

Annual Travel

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