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Single Trip Travel Insurance


It only takes a few minutes to get a quote for single trip travel insurance.


Just complete the details below to get an instant quote from our panel of specialist travel insurers. We can provide cover for most medical conditions and there are no age limits.


Travel insurance cover for single trips up to 183 days


With full cover available on our single trip travel insurance you can obtain travel insurance that protects you quickly and easily online, in minutes. Our easy online process means that it's never been easier to buy a policy from one of our many excellent travel insurance providers.


A range of single trip travel insurance with cover for medical conditions and no age limits.


We provide a range of travel insurance policies so you can choose the policy that gives you the best travel insurance for your needs, regardless of age, destination or any pre-existing medical conditions. Single trip travel insurance from Castle Insurance is ideally suited to the occasional leisure traveller, and is aimed at holidaymakers.


Covering trips of up to 6 months in duration, single trip travel insurance is an excellent way to protect yourself against the unexpected, and potentially severe financial cost of becoming unwell prior to travelling, or whilst you are away.


Travel insurance cover for cancellation


With a single trip travel insurance policy it's important that you buy the policy as soon as you have paid money for your trip. Buying the travel insurance policy at this point means that you get the full benefit and protection of the cancellation section of the travel insurance policy, so you are insured before you even travel. This means that should you be unable to travel for an insured reason (please see individual policy wordings for details) then you can claim back the money that you have already invested in your overseas trip.


Cancellation cover normally starts from the day you buy the single trip insurance policy, regardless of the actual date of travel, and policies normally have this cover already factored into the price, so you won't get the travel insurance any cheaper by waiting until just before you travel, you just won't get the benefit of the protection you've paid for.

Single Trip Travel Insurance

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